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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Questions on Arrays

  1. Define Array?
  2. The starting location of an array is 1000.If the array[1..5/..4] is stored in a row major order form what is the location of element[4][3].Each element occupies 4 bytes.
  3. What is the size of the array declared as double *x[5]?
  4. Is the expressions arr and *arr are same for array of integers?
  5. Is it possible to allocate arrays dynamically?
  6. Difference between string and arrays?
  7. Difference between arrays and linked list?
  8. Does mentioning arrayname gives basse addressin all contexts?
  9. How can we increase the size of a dynamically allocated array?
  10. Is it possible to increase the size of statically allocated array?
  11. Difference between array and structure?
  12. How do you count just the number of elements in the array that are being used?
  13. Consider an array that can holds upto 100 elements, but only the first 20 elements are actually used.What are the values stored in the remaining elements?
  14. Write the logic for multiplying two 2 by 2 matrices and store the result in a third variable?
  15. How do you copy the elements of a 2 dimensional array in to a 1 dimensional array?
  16. Why array index is starting from zero? (or) Why arrays not store values from 1?
  17. How will you combine the elements of two integer arrays in to one single array in c language?
  18. How will you convert a 1 dimensional array in to a 2 dimensional array?
  19. How to split a string(using delimitor /) and store each portion to a separate array?
  20. What are the application of one dimensional and two dimensional arrays?
  21. Can we use heterogeneous declarations in arrays?If they are not declared what is the reason?
  22. What is the valid range of indexes for an array of 10 objects? What happens if we print the address of the 11th memory of that array?

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