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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Introduction to C++

What is c++
  • C++ is a high level programming language that allows a software engineer to efficiently communicate with a computer.    
  • c++ is a highly flexible and adaptable language used for variety of programs including firmware for micro controllers,operating systems, applications and graphics programming.
Why c++
  • In 1970 , Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, created C language. C was designed for writing Operating systems.
  • C language was extremely simple and flexible and soon It was became very popular programming language.
  • C had one major problem, it was a procedure oriented language  (ie) computer program consists of 2 main parts data and instruction. C program would start by describing the data first and then write procedures to manipulate that data.
Birth of C++
  • Programmers discovered that a program should be clear and easy if they were able to take a bunch of data and group it together with the operation that worked on that data. such a grouping is called an object or class.
  • Designing programs by designing classes is known as object-oriented design.
  • In 1980,Bjarne Stroustrup worked on a new language called "C with classes". That language was improved and became c++.