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Wednesday 26 January 2011

Daily 5 C programs-2

  1. Write a program to print the number of characters entered?Count the Input characters
    int main()
        int x=0;
        printf("\nNumber of characters X=%d\n",x);
        return 0;
    hello world
    Number of characters entered is X=11

  2. Write a program to count the number of words entered
    int main()
        int x=0,ch;
        while((ch=getchar())!=EOF )
            if(ch && x==0)//for the i/p xxxEOF
            if(ch=='\n' || ch==' ' || ch=='\t')
        printf("\nNumber of words entered is X=%d\n",x);
        return 0;
    Number of words entered is X=1
    xcvvx cxcbsf
    Number of words entered is X=3
  3. Write a program to print all input lines that are longer than 80 characters
  4. Write a program to remove all trailing blanks and tabs from each line of input and to delete entirely blank lines.
  5. Write a function reverse(s) that reverses the character string s


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